Ochre starfish

Eastwood Associates’ legacy gifts are an investment in the future of the Academy and its mission to explore, explain, and sustain life on Earth. We are grateful for these gifts of foresight and commitment to this work.

​Cat Aboudara
​Michele and Mark Aldrich
Anthony Alfidi
Mary Allen
Mary Beth and Frank Almeda
​Dean S. Anderson
​Barbara D. Andrews
​Terri J. Arington in memory of Hector and Grayce Ceschi
​Madeline and Paul Arnaud, Jr.
Mary Ann and Samuel Aronson
​Jay Auslander
​Joan and Peter Avenali
​Malou Babilonia
​Nancy Abbott Baker
​Pamela Baldwin
​Charna Ball
​Alkmene and Raymond Bandar
​Charles Madsen Barksdale
​Marie Schoppe Bartee
​Janny Beale
​Joan Beavin
​Mildred and Edward Bennett
​Michael Bennett and Leslie Larson
​Michael J. Bennett and Luke Lowery
​Riva and David Berelson, Jr.
Medea and Bruce Bern
​Helen Bernstein
​Loraine and Robert Berry
​Barbara Bessey and Kevin Gilmartin
​Susan and Frederick Bianucci
​Phyllis Blair
​Roberta and Roy Borgonovo
​Norman Brand
​Ardis and Alfred Breslauer
Ellen and Russell Breslauer
​Melinda M. and James R. Brown
​Josephine H. Brownback
​Joanne Bruggemann
​Dr. Margaret Gould Burke
​Linda and Arthur Burnett
​Eva Buxton
​Brook and Shawn Byers
​Carla Carpentier
​Jeanie and Michael Casey
​Joe Castrovinci
​Claudia and David Chittenden
​Robert and Mary Ann Christensen
​Diane and William Clarke
​Dorothy and William Clemens
​Lewis Coleman
​Ms. Susan Coleman
​Buff and Gerald Corsi
​Ronald Cramer
​Caroline H. Damsky
​Mrs. Arline Day
​Joan and Allen Dekelboum
​Gary Demyen and Les Partridge
​Isabelle Z. Dokouzian
​Pamela and Clarence Donahoe
​Tracy Donahoe and Kenneth Lim
​Dr. and Mrs. Melvin S. Donaldson
​S. Malvern Dorinson, M.D.
Mary and Thomas Dum
​Sherry Dumke
​Jack and Alisa Duncan
​Lynn and Robert Dunne
​Susan McComb and J. D. Durst
​Maria Lucila Echeverria Bustos
​Charlotte and David Epstein
​Veronica Espada
​Helene Ettelson
​Edward T. Faber and Phyllis M. Faber Trust
​Neil E. Fahy
​Daphne G. Fautin
​Marie and Lawrence Feldman
​Jacqueline Benroubi-Feretzis
​Elizabeth S. Fisher
​Jean Fisher

​Susan Forsythe
Renata Gasperi and Donald Frediani
William Fries II Foundation
Laura Fujii
​Jennifer and Ellis Gans
​Evelina Vecchiato Gara
​Arlene Getz
​Dr. Jeannie L. Giacchino
​Robert Glavin
​Jeannie Graham-Gilliat
​Paul Guest
​Charles and Ginger Guthrie
​Johnnie and John Hafernik
​Anthia L. and Charles E. Halfmann
​Jack Halpern
​James Heagy
​Deborah and Robert Hector
​Helen M. and Robert D. Heller
​Virginia Helleskov
​Ms. Terry Helm
​Michael A. Heymann
Louise and Donald Heyneman
​Cynthia Hill and Steven Beckendorf
​Sue and Mike Hoey
​Joan Holman
​Richard W. Holmes
​Royal C. Brown and Margie Hom
Judith and John Hurabiell
​Diane Ichiyasu
​Julianna and Alex Iosilevsky
​Bonnie and Michael Irwin
​Bernice Itkin
​Eve Iversen
​Donald and Jacqueline Jacobberger
​Hazel Jacoby
​Paula and Dennis Jaffe
​Pauline Kerber and John Jennings
​Stanley Judd
​Anne Kahn
​Bernice and Jerry Kendall
​Kate and Tom Klein
​Sue and Roger Lang
​Robert and Evelyn Langston
​Dr. Della Laura
​Jim Lilienthal
​Sandra and Ronald Linder
​Lois B. Lippincott
​Pari and Putnam Livermore
​Robert Carr and Andrea LoPinto
​Park Loughlin
​Eroeda Luck
​Sarah Luu
​Cynthia and John Major
​Brent Malarkey
​Josephine Markovich
​Sharon and Michael Marron
​Hermine and Sumner Marshall
​Robert and Karen Martin
​Gerald McCallum
​Faye and Richard McCartney
​Pam and John McCosker
​Janet and Thomas McKinley
​Philip T. Meyerson
​Jancy Rickman and William Michaely
​J. Sanford Miller
​Gigi Babcock and Ralph Miller
​Carol and Charles Mink
​Holly Mitchell
​Nancy and George Montgomery, Jr.
Scott Chan and Vicki Moore
​Sylvia P. and Dr. David J. Morafka
​Nearn and Romano Families
​John R. Nelson
​Kenneth Ness
​Nancy and Bill Newmeyer
​Drs. Charles and Lois O'Brien
​Diane Ososke
​Edmund W. Ow
​Alan and Virginia Pabst
​Janet Parker
​Wendy and Fred Parkin

​Vicki and John Pearse
Regina and Dave Phelps
Carol and Bruce Pollock
​Lynette M. Porteous
Veronica Ahrens-Pulawski and Wojciech Pulawski
Jane Radcliffe
Sonia A. Raesly
​Linda and John Reichel
​Mary Renaker and Eric Brazel
​Patricia and Hugh Reynolds
​Anne Rianda
​Gary B. Riddle
​Dr. Francis J. Rigney, Jr.
Nancy Robison
​Diane and Peter Rodriguez
​Diane and Lloyd Root
​Sandra Miller Ross and Edward S. Ross
​Lois and Arthur Roth
​Renee Rubin
​Mary Elizabeth Ryan
​Jaclyn Jacobs Rusch
​Michael Scharfenstein
​Katherine Schick
​Margery Schindler
​Peter Lothar Schmidt
​Elizabeth Schultz
​Werner Schumann
​Harold Segelstad
​Tom Shamp
​James R. Shevock
​Yvonne Don and Richard Shrieve
​Clare Wheeler Sias
​Marjorie Silver
​Edmund and Suellynn Smith
​Joyce and Jim Smith
​Cornelia Clausen Spanier
​Clare H. Springs
​Thoralee Crawford Squair
​Susan Staebler
​Brett C. Stearns
​Judith and Jerry Steenhoven
​Joan E. Steinberg
​Ann and Ellis Stephens
​Barbara J. Stevens
​Jocelynn Herrick Stone and Richard Stone
​J. Garland Stroup
​Mary and David Sutton
​Robert Hadley Sydnor
Catherine and Maurice Tauber
​Rowena J. Taylor and Doris C. Taylor
​Nancy Thompson and Andrew Kerr
Anthony Torre
​Blake and Jillian Tyrrell
​Stefan Unnasch
​Esther M. van Beers
​Barbara and Dirk Van Meurs
​Mary and Jerome C. Vascellaro
​Janet von Doepp
​Dorothy and Paul Wachter
​Susan Wageman
​Jake Walker
​Julie Walker
​Katherine Wallin
​Susanne Prokscha and Timothy Walters
​Dr. Shel Weissman and Claire Hurni Weissman
​Linda and George Wertheim
​Gloria Wesenberg
​Cherie and Herbert Wetzel
​Jerry Ann White
​Ellen and Edwin Whitman
​David Whitridge
​Stanley Williams
​Stefan Williams
​Ron Wilson
​Betty and George Winkelman
​Melissa and Brian Wong
​Helen and Wil Wong
​Joan F. Yates
​Michele Young
​Flora Zagorites

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2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

At the California Academy of Sciences, 2014 was an exciting year—365 days that shaped thousands of perspectives on the nature and future of life of Earth. Explore our 2014 Annual Report to learn more.